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Mens PJ Classic Script StarTee Crew Neck

100% Cotton with Modern Cut

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The Phunk Junkeez Trucker Snapback

Richardson 112 Curved Bill
The classic PJ Oval on the front Glows in The Dark!
PVC Rubberized Patches

Color Choice

Shirts and hats are on a first come, first serve sales basis. Limited production items. Please be sure to check back again if we are out of an item.
We will be offering some other items coming up:
• Golf Balls
• Golf Polos
• Limited Run Colors for Trucker Hats


All sales are final. If you need to exchange your item, you will need to contact us, and then physically bring the merchandise to our warehouse to exchange. We offer no mail-in exchanges. Limited runs means once we are out of a specific size, it might be a while until we manufacture that item again. Best case scenario is to purchase at the show!