1991, Phoenix, Arizona

Kirk Reznik (K-Tel Disco) and Joe Valiente (Soulman) had paid their dues in their immediate teen-years performing at one-off car shows and community event centers with their white-boy riddled rhetoric of Bum Rap. A two man show emulating their influences ranging from RUN DMC and the evolving street Hip-Hop. Years later, after some changes in format, direction, and behind-the-scenes personel, Bum Rap became The Phunk Junkeez, and the Phunk Junkeez became one of the largest underground music movements in the southwest region.

James Woodling (Jumbo Jim) and Dan Mueller (Disko Danny D, DK Mueller) were a dynamic rhythm section who had been through four Phoenix-based bands from 1989-1991 prior to dedicating their talents to the formation of their own concept group: a hyper-speed, punk-funk onslaught fusing traditional funk and disco.  Mike Kramer was recruited to play the guitar along with a local sound technician filling in on the lyrical content resulting in a four piece conglomeration called Freaksquad. They were a red-hot rhythm section but lacked any vocal presence, or lyricrical content. The crowds loved their grooves, but there was nothing to sing along to.

Freaksquad was the opening act for The Phunk Junkeez very first show. It was a round-a-bout room-mate type of favor deal of one band hauling a PA, and the other providing a guaranteed 200 people in attendance. Together they promoted the event at the now non-existant Sub-Cultural Arts Center in downtown Phoenix. The night was a success. The attendance reached 450. Higher than most national touring bands could pull from the wasteland desert. The Phunk Junkeez had two energetic frontmen performing to a tape. Freaksquad had a red-hot rhythm section kicking out the relentless dance vamps and mechanical-styled fist-pumping jams. Things were about to change.

The Phunk Junkeez needed a live band. Freaksquad needed a frontman, or two for that matter. The very next day, in September of 1991 – the meeting was called, and the brotherhood began. The Phunk Junkeez became a real band. No tape decks, and no synch tracks. A real five piece rock and roll band. Six months later, DJ Roachclip (Jeff Scott) joined the group making the operation one of the very first groups to integrate a DJ with a live band. The first album Phunk Junkeez was shortly realized in 1992. One year later Mike Kramer left the operation due to financial commitments. Jeff O’Rourke was brought on as the new guitarist, and then the band hit the road and then the studio to record their nationwide release on Interscope Records – Phunk Junkeez Injected. The touring never stopped, the shows always sold out and a new sound coming out of the desert that helped to turn the local and regional markets upside down. The unique sound and style was an instant stand-out from the current rock and metal scene, the glam scene, and the now overly crowded grunge scene. The rest is history.

Snapped Official Video: Trauma/Interscope Records

Me ‘n Yer Girl: Trauma/Interscope Records

I Love It Loud (Injected Mix): Trauma/Interscope Records

I Am A Junkeez: Ichiban Records

Krackin’ Up: Unreleased