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Phunk Junkeez

The Phunk Junkeez were a pioneering Hip Hop / Punk Rock musical endeavor based in Phoenix, Arizona during the early 90’s. The Phunk Junkeez became highly successful due to their over-the-top live performances, catchy and danceable funk tracks, male ego-driven hyper-speed punk aggression and the unfiltered comedic interpretation of current societal issues. The Phunk Junkeez signed their first record deal in 1991, and as they saying goes, the rest was history.

The Phunk Junkeez was the fusing of two local Phoenix-area bands: Bum Rap, featuring Joe “Soulman” Valiente and Kirk “K-tel Disco” Reznik who performed at local car shows, community event centers and early-days underground rave parties. The other band Freaksquad, was a conglomerate of drummer “Disko” Dan Mueller, bassist James “Jumbo” Woodling and interim guitarist Mike Kramer, who were struggling in the local bar and nightclub scene to find their audience. When both operations joined forces, everything clicked, and the band began a 15 year career of live shows, touring, merchandise sales and albums that created the world of The Phunk Junkeez.